[OFFER] Old circuit simulation software

I downloaded them long time ago and now found out they're hard to get from internet.

AmiLab 1.0 (1998, mixed English and Polish, author unknown)
CircuitMaker V6.2c Student (1999)
Crocodile Clips 2.0 (1995)
Crocodile Clips 3.5 (1998)
Digital Works 95 (1997)
Digital Works 3.04.39 (2001)
EasySim 1.00 (1992)
ElektroSym 2.0 (2000, Polish)



  • All I get is a blank page.

  • edited August 2019

    I see it after unblocking boxcdn.net in noscript. I'm using Serpent 52 2019-08-09 x86 build.

  • The site seems like yet another file sharing site that requires the absolute latest browser with scripting to work.

  • "Crocodile Clips" rings a bell... I remember it being installed on the school computers. I'd like to muck about with it as I did back then.

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