IBM Microsoft Decathlon 1.00

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imageIBM Microsoft Decathlon 1.00

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    This disk seems to be modified or bad dumped.
    Also IMD file seems to be compressed that it can't be run on PCE/PCEM/86box emulator.
    I also have original disk of it.(Untouched)
    I recommend to replace it with untouched one.!uo8BGa5L!5_x2Ix2rSnPvvnMpdNV8uFAMNigxW5rNsde0E9IMn7Y

  • Interesting. It seems that PCE can not cope with ImageDisk comments that lack a CRLF at the end of the string.

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    At least, your disk seems to have a problem.

    I also tested to dump this game by IMD 1.18 on PCE.
    I changed the option as follows.
    (It works well.)

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