What is with the Whistler and Longhorn builds being stored on WinWorldPC if Longhorn came after XP?

So I saw the announcement several times that WinWorldPC will not be hosting Windows XP and later, but Windows Longhorn is still in the beta list. So basically does this exclude Windows Beta versions, and if so would it be possible to add Windows 7 and 8 Beta builds (NO RTM). I ask because as of now it is almost impossible to find Windows 7 Betas or Windows 8 Previews (WE ARE EXCLUDING 8.1 because it is too recent to add to this list).


  • Those have been here for a very, very long time. Microsoft never demanded they be taken down, so they weren't. We aren't going to push it by posting newer windows crap.

    If you want a Windows beta, just install Windows 10. :P

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