[DOS] Internet places for Old Software we i found.

First, i want to thank all for his work to save the old software.
At winworld and other sites.

I want to share some of my pearls i found in the www.

In the 90'th i used some realy usefull tools for memory menagement in MS-DOS 5/6.2.
I never used MS-DOS 6.2x because the SYS.COM command does not work with a bug.
The last days i found out, that my DVD with all my cool old stuff was erased by oxidation.
So, in last days i ask the Duck to tell me where i can find my cool Memory Tools please and the Duck makes me happy,
because MEM tells me after hard work 615k Free Ram and this is cool after 20 Years abstinence.
Specifically, this first post is about UMASCAN by Jeff Prosise, UMBFILES whitch loads FILES to the UMB.

If you need more free RAM and you dont want or can use other memory mansgers except Himem and Emm386, then you need this tools.

With mem.exe /f (Caldera DOS, yes i use also other DOS commands in my MS-DOS installation)
you can easy find out how many RAM is free in HMA. MS-DOS loads his FILES in this region if there is enough space for all
FILES you set in CONFIG.SYS (FILES=20). Fill the HMA with DOS FILES and loade the others you need with UMBFILES to UMB.

Here comes the first one!

Metropoli BBS files: http://files.mpoli.fi/unpacked/software/programm/asm/dosutil.zip/

But you can search for a lot of more files on this server. Have Fun


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