MS-DOS 6.0

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MS-DOS 6.0

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  • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.00 [German] (3.5-1.44mb) is also the Update Version.

  • Where are the uninstall disks of MS-DOS 6.0 (Full)? Setup needs the uninstall disks to continue.
  • Those are BLANK disks that YOU provide. Setup stores old copies of files on them so you can fully revert to your previous DOS version.
  • I've got MS-DOS 6.0 upgrade disk (with 360KB). It is avaiable via Microsoft Mail Order.
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    ibmpc5150, you can upload images and photos of label?
  • Is MS-DOS 6.0 Portuguese / Brazilian version available?
  • @German

    You can get this from eBay.

    *MS-DOS 6 upgrade (360KB)
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.0 (Full) (3.5-1.44mb) is actually the ICL OEM!
  • The strange thing is that, looking at the MS-DOS 6 version, the Boot ID is "MS-DOS 5.0" for the Upgrade version, while the Boot ID is "MS-DOS 6.0" for the OEM version (including Enhanced Tools).
    What's interesting is that after MS-DOS 6.2, the Boot ID was unified again as "MS-DOS 5.0".
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