MS-DOS 3.20

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MS-DOS 3.20

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  • OEMs here, nothing else.

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    That's because there wasn't a retail MS-DOS until version 5. There were Microsoft boxed versions of 3.3 and 4.0, but even those says that it's for distribution with a new PC.

  • While it was for OEMs, the MS duplicated sets were easy to get. That was about the only way to acquire an upgrade. Fortunately, grey market OEM surplus boxes were quite cheap. Wound up having to pick up DOS 4.01 that way because my sales rep wasn't responsive.

  • Microsoft began to distribute MS-DOS with MS Genuine from version 3.20.
    Yes but they didn't be released as Retail package before version 5.0 upgrate released.

  • I recently picked up a copy of 4.01C new in the box, but of course I had to open it and image the disks and start scanning the manual.

  • Haha, anyone got this message ever? (Occurs while holding down Enter fast when the directory is listing on either 4.77 megahertz or something else).

  • @Lollipop
    Maybe because these kind of systems, can't do various things simultaneously. Making the system, crash itself.
  • This doesn't happen (or very rarely) in hypervisors such as VMware.
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