Need help identifying Windows 95 version

I've looked around at what I've been looking at, and I for the love of all that is holy, cannot figure out what I'm looking at. So here's the run down:I found my dad's old Windows 95 installation package of 29 diskettes plus the boot disk which seems pretty standard. Almost immediately, that should trip some alarms. Let's continue. I guess, somehow in the move, disk 10 became slightly corrupted(it was only the MAPIO stuff for the mail component, from what I could tell), and disk 19 is totally missing. Now, I've looked around the block and it's definitely a US English release, probably some backup copy that's been used before or something akin to that, it gave me that warning about not reusing copies for different PCs that literally noone listens to.
Now here's where the strangeness comes in and you probably caught onto earlier. As far as I know, not a single Windows 95 version ever used more than 22 floppies for installation. Windows 95 RTM came on 13 diskettes, Windows OSR 1 came on 21 diskettes and OSR 2 came on 22 diskettes. So why in god's name does this version of 95 come on an extra 7 diskettes? Even stranger, this stuff is definitely meant to be in this order. These aren't patch diskettes, they contain files like ADVAP132.dll(labelled ADVAPI32, maybe the list of RTM files mislabeled it on the website) on diskette 19(which doesn't match OSR 1 or 2) and some other important files.
So, I ask, which version of Windows 95 is this? I wish to replace diskette 19 and fix diskette 10 so that I can finally run this version again. Image dumps of said diskettes may come soon, if not later.


  • It sounds like you have 1.44mb or 1.2mb sized disks for Windows 95 OSR2. I’m not aware that anyone distributed original disks in anything other than DMF, but many OEMs would let users create their own disk set from pre-installed CAB files. Since writing DMF was not always reliable, and some Windows 95 machines had 1.2mb drives, OEMs sized the CAB files to fit on those media.

  • I thought that too at first but looking at the OSR2 files would like to say otherwise. I'd love to get my hands on the official OEM version that produced these disks if they really are OEM, as they might be leftovers from the air force(however unlikely that is.)

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