What is a good antivirus?

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I was wondering what you guys think about antivirus apps. As at the moment im not sure what to go for.

I have tried:

Notron Internet Security 2004
Mcafee Antivirus 2004
Avast Antivirus
AVG Personal Edition

What antivirus do you reccomend and where could i get it?



  • None. The knowledge of all your processes and a router are the best one you can get.
  • personally, id say AVG. its free and better than freeav.
  • AVG sux, use NOD32.

  • f-prots good. i use that for bootsector viruses...
  • F-PROT "owns" for DOS AV scanning, for Windows, NOD32!

  • Why waste the CPU cycles on an anti-virus program when you can just look at your processes often?
  • Because viruses can latch on to certain Windows processes and look like they're not there, or compromise the processes, OR they could use an inocuous name like "svchost" and you'dn't know...

  • So run HouseCall weekly..
  • i have one to scan downloads and disks i get....
  • HouseCall is POOR. I prefer NOD32, which is currently using... ZERO % CPU!

  • but that wont matter with ur system Q. but on mine......
  • What?

  • ok thanks. I will try this Nod32
  • Does anybody know where i can get nod32 from? If you can give me a link that will be great.

    I tried the nod32 website but a username & password is needed for the downloads.
  • Get the trial versions. Click "Trial Version" on the left side.

  • the cpu usage...
  • Resident scan takes 0%.

  • so does AVG
  • So there's no loss in using the superior product!

  • aprt from the price...
  • um 30 day trial :(

    Im after a permanent antivirus app. I need either a full or free antivirus program.
  • in terms of free progs. id reccomend AVG...
  • NAV is good for freebies, just get an activation keygen
  • Just look for warez and use Norton Antivirus....dont waste time with other crap.
  • I used to use nav bu it used way to many resources.
  • yeah i got NAV free with my mobo its terrible. i had 256MB RAM and i had like 20MB free
  • 256Mb with XP loaded leaves you with like 60Mb free

    Once you load some programs on it, your about done for.
  • I find NAV pretty usefu. It had caught 2 viruses that AVG didn't catch (kinda wierd) and both AVs were up to date.
  • at the time i was usin 2k
  • BOD wrote:
    at the time i was usin 2k

    So, 2000 has a bug in it that makes it uses alot of RAM, its fixed in later Service Packs
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