[REQUEST] C Compilers, Assemblers, Editors for DOS 2+, Win3.1/9x

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There are a few C compilers in the Library. I have tried installing a few of them, with varied success. Borland Turbo C mostly worked, a few others would either not start reliably under VirtualBox or they would crash.

There were a lot of smaller-name C Compilers during the late 80s/early 90s. Reading through an issue of Byte from 1987, I saw ads for a bunch:

  • Aztec C by MANX Software
  • Instant-C by Rational Systems
  • Datalight-C
  • Mark Williams Let's C (this one I am definitely interested in)
  • Supersoft C
  • Wizard C
  • C86PLUS by Computer Innovations (they took out a double-page ad! Pricey!)

I would also love to find some commercial (or non-commercial) C libraries for creating display output, ie something like CURSES but for DOS. And of course, more x86 assemblers/disassemblers etc. would be great :smile:

This is a wonderful site, glad I finally signed up instead of just lurking!


  • We actually do have Let's C https://winworldpc.com/product/mark-williams-letsc/ , but I have not tested it myself. I've been keeping an eye out for some of those, but programming languages tend to sell for a lot on eBay.

  • I just picked up a disk set of Aztec C. I'll be dropping a post in offers/requests with information.

  • hello, i am also interested in this topic:
    there are aztec c and desmet c on the web, although only archived packs and not original disk images.
    wizard c is purchased by borland and became turbo c.
    datalight c had undergone many names: datalight->zorland(imitation of borland)->zortech->symantec->digital mars.
    lets c as said is already on winworldpc.
    i havn't seen instant c, supersoft c or c86plus, and i am also interested in how old compilers perform.
    i also want to name a few compilers:
    portable c compiler that started in 1970s, i wanna know if it was ever ported to dos.
    older versions of intel c++, the earliest one i can find is 8.0.

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