Need to convert Reflex 2.0 file to excel or dbf

I have a database file of plant locality data that I need to resurrect from Reflex 2.0 to a format (.RXD and .R2D that I can use on modern equipment. The version that I downloaded is not compatible with Windows 7 (or on the PC I am using now: Dell Optiplex 760). I recycled my ancient Zenith 286 machine 2 years ago, so I am stuck....... any suggestions, or offers to convert it for me???????


  • If you can place Reflex and data files inside a virtual machine, Reflex can export to DBF format through the report generator. Importing DBF to a newer database should be easy. Not the first place I'd look to be sure.

    AFAIK, Borland never documented the Reflex format. Creating a conversion utility is something that increases rapidly in difficulty as accuracy is improved slightly. I would not be surprised to see it take weeks to get a decent one completed. Quick and dirty text extractors are simple enough but you would have to spend time regenerating the underlying structures.

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