[Request] Windows 95 OSR2.x CD-ROM Setup Boot Disk

I am looking for an original, unmodified Windows 95 OSR2.x CD-ROM Setup Boot Disk which has the part number of 000-44984, as it could possibly be added to the boot disk download section for Windows 95 OSR 2.x. (similar to the boot disk in the Windows 95 OSR 1.x boot disk download section).


  • The CD will make a boot disk. Some OSR2 disks didn’t even come with a floppy, but instead came with a label for the one that you made.

  • I wasn't aware of that. However, I'm looking for the bootdisk that came with most copies of Windows 95 OSR2.x. The unmodified disk has comments for OEMs to modify the disk and no CD-ROM driver, like the one in the Windows 95 OSR.1x/RTM bootdisk in the boot disks download section on this website.

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