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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a Microservices interview questions list. I have scheduled my interviews in the upcoming week, Recruiters told me they might test my microservices knowledge too. What kind of questions should I expect as a fresher level?


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    I have found some resources like [ Edited - sounds spam to me]. But if anyone provides me a document then it helpful to me.

  • Uh...that's like a cheat sheet to get a job. We can't help you nor do we even have access to that.

  • Here are a few:

    question: What do you understand by Microservices?

    Answer: Microservices or more appropriately Microservices Architecture is an bullshit buzzword that some marketing wiener made up. It another term for something that has been around for ages, but this new term is vague, nebulous, and sells a lot of "management for dummies" books.

    Question: What are the main features of Microservices?

    Answer: Microservices have the following main features:

    • Buzzword compliance
    • Makes some technical thing sound all fancy.
    • People fart in its general direction.
    • Probably originated in India.

    Question: What are the main components of Microservices?

    Answer: The main components for a Microservice Architecture are:

    • SEO postings
    • Lots of useless training classes/certifications
    • Something to put on your resume to cover up your incompetence.
    • Nutmeg

    Question: How does a Microservice Architecture work?

    Answer: Under a microservice architecture, an application is put in a blender, baked for 350, served with bacon, eaten, and then pooped out by Java developers.

    Question: What are the fundamental characteristics of a Microservices Design?

    • Advertising.
    • Stuff that you would would not need if you knew how to write real programs.
    • Idiots trying to build job security.

    Question: What are the main challenges in Microservice Deployment?

    Answer: Cutting through the BS to determine what the heck anyone is really talking about.

    Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Microservices?


    It makes you sound like someone should be paying you a lot of money.

    You have to clean up drool every five minutes.

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