Wanted: Vet Antivirus from 1990's

I was hoping to find a DOS version of Vet Antivirus.
Does anyone have a floppy image?



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    And what exactly is Vet Antivirus? I mean its obviously an antivirus but do you have any more info about it?

  • It seems to have been more popular in the mid 2000s, and the earliest solid evidence of this product seems to be in 1999, when CA acquired VET antivirus. It seems to have pretty much died around 2007.

  • I see...sounds unobtainable

  • Thanks for the response guys.
    VET was popular in the 1990's here in Australia as it was a local Aussie company. A little history:http://www.cybec.com.au/www.cybec.com.au/Vet.htm

  • Hi Craig.

    It's still possible to find some old VET versions, including DOS ones. Here's the one I managed to dig out recently - VET 9.32 for DOS (dated March, 7 1997)


  • Thanks tarlabnor!
    If people are interested in why I was looking for Vet. It is because the ping-pong virus was the first virus I had encounted (1989 / 1990) on my girlfriends Amstrad 1512.
    I have always wanted to see how the virus works, I have a VM with dos 3.2, softIce for dos and Vet (I wanted to see how it cleaned the virus).
    Finding the virus is the difficult thing. I have found a reverse engineered listing. But I would prefer the executable.
    So my personal project continues.
    Thanks again.

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