How to help hosting winworldpc?

Hi there

I'm a retro computing lover from italy
I've seen that file hosting today is almost only from one hosting in Germany
How can I help hosting winworldpc? I have various hosting services for work
May I simply setup the new host and give FTP credentials to someone?
Do I have to setup something?
I prefer using a PaaS approach without any manual intervent on the OS



  • There's also a US host for files (Julian), unless for some reason you don't see it there.

  • I’m assuming, and I might be wrong, that there is replication that will happen eventually. I’m guessing the admin just uploads the file to one site, maybe whichever is faster for him, and so that’s where it shows up first.

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    You would have to talk to Duff about it. Not sure what the best way to contact him is. It looks like we may have lost a mirror recently, but I never got the memo, as usual.

    I normally add files directly to the Rickey server, but the process to push to other servers is manual and has to be done by Duff/Calvin.

  • @SomeGuy thanks for your feedback
    I think the Austrian hosting is down because he died, I've seen the post about this somewhere

    I can provide for free a professional hosting because I think it is good to preserve this files

    @SomeGuy @Duff @calvin I can provide an Azure storage account in Ireland or Netherland, super limits in speed and size ( I can simply give you an encrypted connection string, and you can use it from a free app from Microsoft:

    please eventually confirm who to send the credentials to
    many thanks

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