System Software (0-6) System 6.x

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imageSystem Software (0-6) System 6.x

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  • How to install System 6 on a VM?

  • @cryptoWW615 said:
    How to install System 6 on a VM?

    Use the Mini vMac emulator for System 6, it's easy to use,

  • @jonirob said:

    @cryptoWW615 said:
    How to install System 6 on a VM?

    Use the Mini vMac emulator for System 6, it's easy to use,

    How do I install it on Mini vMac? There are 4 floppies but I don't know what to do with them. I know that you need to insert the ROM but then what?

  • That because you probably used a version of System Software that's too new. Mini vMac supports only 1.x too 7.5.5

  • Can System 6.0.8 run on basilisk II? because on Wikipedia it says it can
  • @Siloboy987

    No, 6.0.8 will only run in Mini vMac. Basilisk II will run 7.0 to 8.1.
  • How do I run Mac OS 6.0.8L?
  • You write the disk images to floppy disks with a tool like WinImage. Then insert the startup disk in to the floppy drive of your Macintosh Classic, Classic II, PowerBook 100, Macintosh LC or Macintosh LC II and turn on your Macintosh.
  • Can System 6.0.8L be virtualized?
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    It can run in Mini vMac using Macintosh Classic.

  • How do I do this?
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    You need the Macintosh Classic Mini vMac from the variations sevice at their website. You also need a 512KB Macintosh Classic rom, renamed to classic.rom.
  • @helloisthispizzahut
    I forgot to mention, it also runs well in pce/macplus.

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    System 6.0.8 appearing to be running natively in 86Box v 2.00.
    Actually it's running in the Dos specific version of the old defunct vMac emulator (not Mini vMac) from the 1990s, running in MS-DOS 6.22 in 86Box on Windows 10.
    Oh, the joys of emulation!

  • @SomeGuy,
    What version of Winimage are you using to write these images back to floppy? Version 8 under windows 98 does not like the images. They error our trying to open them.
  • I mostly use Winimage 6.1, but to be perfectly clear, WinImage ONLY works with 1.44mb Macintosh disk images, not the 800k images. Even then, it does not let you manipulate files within the Mac disk.

    800k GCR Variable Bit Rate images require either a real Mac, or a flux-level device such as a Kryoflux to write usable disks. (On a few occasions I have found padding an 800k image to 1.44m and writing that may create disk that is readable on a 1.44mb Mac drive, but that is not recommended).
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    You can also run System 6.0.8L in an emulated Macintosh LC using the MAME emulator, if you want to experience it in colour.

  • @jonirob I tried the premade system 6 there and it was in black and white despite me setting it to a mac lc. also the mouse was way too fast
  • @SusiTerry

    Have you put the maclc roms in the MAME roms folder?
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    I've just tried the 6.0.8 pre-made system using this command:

    mame maclc -hard1 mac608.chd.

    Then selected the colour in the system's control panel.

  • @jonirob colors are fixed. mouse cursor is still moving way too fast. it's set to the lowest setting on my actual mouse and system
  • @SusiTerry

    These are my guest mouse settings and it runs perfectly. (On Windows 10 host).

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