Kaby Lake laptop creeps me out

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I have an HP bs-017ca with a failed left hinge, which means I have to leave it open all the time.

I usually put it into sleep mode after using Windows 10, which means that it will boot up to grub with the default option set to Q4OS (Debian 10-based).

A few weeks ago I noticed that it randomly started up from sleep while it was sitting in the corner of my room. Then tonight, I heard a random Q4OS system sound before seemingly returning to sleep mode! That was after I put it into sleep from Windows 10 a couple days ago.

Did I mention that it will now send itself to sleep a minute or so after logon (in Windows 10) if the battery is relatively low?

No wonder why I don't really bother with it.

update: and now it made another sound, and it's at the desktop now! this is kinda weird...


  • My father had an HP Elitebook that would randomly turn itself on. He'd shut it down (completely shut it down - not hibernate or sleep) and out of nowhere at random times it would boot up. Maybe it's an HP thing. His was a Core 2 Duo.

  • HP laptops...

    Yup, they are known for faulty power circuitry. Everything down to buttons.

    I had one that was incapable of entering sleep altogether. DV6t-2000.

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