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Hey folks!

I learned about IPFS through using WinWorld, and I think it's fantastic. However, I noticed that not all files are always available, presumably because nodes hosting those files are not online when I go to download them. I tried to download the file via Julian or Ricky and then add it to IPFS, but I get a different hash. Talking to the people on #ipfs in Freenode, it sounds like there are a few different methods you can use for adding files to IPFS, and they will result in different hashes. If whoever adds the files to IPFS initially can tell me what the method is, I can re-host any files I come across that do not currently have online nodes, thus strengthening the filesystem :)

Also, I believe sites or collections like WinWorld get something called a "CID" from IPFS, which allows browsing all the files related to that collection from inside the IPFS client. For example, the CID for XKCD is QmdmQXB2mzChmMeKY47C43LxUdg1NDJ5MWcKMKxDu7RgQm which allows you to see all the XKCD comics that have been put on IPFS, from within the client. Still not totally sure on how those are assigned or how they work, but I'm curious nonetheless :)

I am happy to do anything I can to help WinWorld's files survive!


  • Calvin is the expert on that. All I know is he ran some automated script to add stuff to IPFS, but anything new I add only goes to the Ricky mirror.

  • Update:

    I have figured out how (at least, the ones I have tried) files are added. You simply need to add the -w switch which encapsulates the file in its own directory. This can also be done with the GUI, but doing it from the command-line is just as easy.

    Now whenever I cannot get a file via IPFS, I will download it normally and then host it so others can get it over IPFS :)

  • Yes, i have tried IPFS, and sometimes it has files on the server, and most of the time is loads forever until a error occurs in IPFS.

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