I'am searching the fullversion of WinZip 6.0 in german 32 Bit.

Hello lovely community, I'am searching the fullversion of WinZip 6.0 in german 32 Bit. I don't remember if I have already asked this question in this forum. Does anybody have this software for me? Thank you. I search for years to find this software. Thank you and a happy first Advent.


  • Hello friend,

    Give this thingy a try, I trust it is what you are looking for. Earlier versions of the 6th edition are buggy, you would not like to tangle with them.

    Greets and salutations!

  • I need only the 6.0 32 Bit full version. i have all other german full versions. From 6.1 32 Bit to 24 Pro. :smile: i'm collecting WinZip, and the 6.0 is the only version, that I'm missing. But thanks anyway. :smile:

  • Sorry for my blunder, friend. I hope you are not pissed at me, since I know how much I hate it when I look for something in particular and people try to push something else on me.

    If you have version 6.0a, could you tell me what exactly the name of the install file is? Should be something like XXXXXXX.exe


  • The filename from the evaluate-Version is wzip32d.exe. I only have this version from WinZip 6.0a. I searched over hours. But the registered Version is not longer available. I don't know how. But I found version 6.1 in 2009. registered. I could hardly believe that I found the version. :smile: Thank you for your help.

  • Probably a stupid question, but can you not register the evaluation version of 6.0a with the keymaker that is included with the 6.3sr1 version posted in my first response? This keymaker is good for versions 6.x to 8.x.

    I presume you have read the VENDOR.TXT file which stipulates how the user can make sure they are using the latest version of the software. Basically, one has to look for the following file names (according to the logic of the WinZip company, which is kinda lazy and stupid):

    1. "wzip95d.exe" - this name does not carry information about the particular version: it can be 6.0a; 6.1, 6.2, 6.3sr1, 7.0sr1. In other words, this name is no good when searching for a specific version - in your case 6.0


    1. "wz32v6xD.exe - this name carries information about the particular version. Presumably, in your case the searching should be for wz32v60d.exe

    Unfortunately, this name gave back zero results when using several Internet search engines. But still I think it might be useful clue in your fuhrer searches.

    I am sorry I could not be of more help with this thingy.

    Good luck :-)

  • The German versions up to version 9.0 could not be registered. There were 2 different versions; the first was just a trial and the 2nd was the full version you could buy. Only the english Versions of WinZip could be registered. :smile: This is my problem.

  • @plangg: Hmm, does that mean the version that assenort posted can not be registered?

    Would you mind to share some of your full versions with WinWorld? As you know, German software is much more rare than the English counterparts. Thanks in advance =)

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