Windows 95B, Internet Explorer Issue.

I was installing IE5 on my Think[ad 380XD, because it had IE3 on it because that's what Windows 95B came with.

However it stalled during the install, so then after a reboot I tried to run it again, but clicking on the setup program didn't do anything, it wouldn't run. I tried copying everything from the USB to a hard drive, still doesn't run, tried it multiple times, still doesn't run, even tried IE4 instead, doesn't run. IE3 for Windows 3.1 does run, but I decided not to install it because I'd prefer the version for Windows 95, but of course IE5 would be preferred.

I don't know what's going on, and there is no option in "add/remove programs" to uninstall IE either. Something is stopping the IE4 and IE5 setup from running, but I don't know what, or how to fix it.


  • Welcome to the wonderful world of MSIE! This was painfully common. That is the folly of "integrating" with the OS, replacing core files during install. The official fix was to reformat and re-install Windows 95. Even re-running Win95 setup as an "upgrade" often would not help.

    Sometimes running IEREMOVE, from 98lite would correct the problem.

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