Microsoft ps2 drivers

I am running pcem with dos 6.22 and I have a few games that won't run without a MS ps2 mouse. I am thinking I can install the driver but I can't find one. Does anyone have one? Thanks.


  • Here have a look at this -

    It will emulate a mouse driver for dos as long as you execute the setup file and allow it make changes to autoexec.bat so that the dos mouse driver is loaded upon boot up.

    So in my autoexec.bat file it has the line LH /L:0 C:\mouse\mouse.exe
    The line is added when you install the mouse driver using the setup file, so it should in theory for your dos games this mouse driver will be your best bet, and for any DOS applications you run in your pcem emulator.

    Hope this helps - Merry christmas! :)

  • Most mouse and the (emulated) COM and PS/2 ports are generic. Alsmost any mouse driver will work (Microsoft, Logitech, Genius …). Here is an exceptionally small one:
    This one even allows scrolling, iirc.

    Mousy Christmas :)

  • Thanks for the replies. I tried both, but they do not detect the mouse. Probably because it is USB. I'll find another solution.

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    Well, it seems that you didn't configure the emulator to emulate a PS/2 or COM port mouse.

    Do that, it then takes the host's mouse input and offers a emulated input to the guest OS. Those drivers above will automatically detect mice on either port.

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