[Request]: Adobe InCopy 2.0 (2002); English; PC

Hi guys,

I have posted this request on two other boards, no luck so far. It gets me really frustrated when well-known soft from early 2000s cannot be found any longer on the Internets. It does not make any sense - it is not like I am looking for something super exotic, plus this particular title was released twice back in the time:

  • Adobe.InCopy.v2.0.Incl.Keygen-SSG: this thing only shows up on eMule, but no one seeds it.
  • ADOBE.INCOPY.V2.0-iSO: nowhere to be found

Long story short: if someone keeps any of these releases in their collection, PLEASE share it!

This particular version is NOT to be confused with Adobe InCopy CS2, which was released in 2006.

Finally, I am looking for the English, PC version of the proggy.

Thank you for your attention, and happy holidays :-)


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    Thank you very much, brother, you really made my day.

    How the hell did you find this thing on the Archive? I tried several searches there, nothing came up.

    You da man :-)

    PS. For other people who want to snatch up this beauty, but do not want to download a whole DVD5 from Archive.org, I have uploaded a RAR file with the installation files here:


  • When I look for software released between 1995 and ~2004, I always look for crazybytes and twilight CD/DVDs when they're unavailable everywhere else. There are a few other warez compilations from that time period, but they didn't last very long and seem to overlap heavily in content with the most popular products.

    A directory of the contents of every Twilight release until another group took over late in its life (since many are missing their covers on the Internet Archive) is available here:


    Please note that the Twilight menus from releases prior to 60 or so do not work on NT-based versions of Windows.

  • Thank you very much for the info.

    Greets :-)

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