Lenovo Ideapad Z565 isn't working and I don't know why.

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So a while back during late summer or early fall I got my grandma's old laptop which is a Lenovo Ideapad Z565. I replaced the battery in it and replaced Windows 7 with a triple boot setup containing a fresh install of Windows 7, Arch Linux, and Linux Mint. The laptop stopped working earlier in December though. I would power it on and hear the fan going but nothing shows up on screen. With the semester over, I now have the time to maybe deal with the problem and hopefully get it fixed. I don't have the funds for another laptop and I kinda want to re-purpose it as a crappy personal nas/server.


  • Any number of troubles. Web search "lenovo z565 no video" and you should get something.

  • I was searching before making the post and again after seeing your comment but I can't find anything helpful or relevant.

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    Then I'm afraid that's about it for me.
    The only experience I have with this is on elder HP machines where dodgy solder jobs caused the graphics chipset to lose connection or a garbage cooling system let it fry. Latter is unlikely, but former certainly is possible.

    Maybe the cause? Or the lvds connector came off.

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