(Offer) IoNeo Aero Studio Win32 Sequencer Music Creation

Hello all...

       This be my first 'offer' posting and after reading rules & such I think I got it so will jump in. Anything I offer is tested & all I use is XP SP3 32bit...ever!
       This is IoNeo Aero Studio which is a sequencer for music creation...This version came out in @ 2004 and was the last incarnation. The Dev & website has been gone since 2009. This is available NOWHERE ELSE...The sequencer is very unique & is one of the few trackers to offer a combination tracker view & piano roll. The rest is mostly setup like a typical tracker...I find VSTs work well in it. I like its simple interface & lack of options appealing...The workflow is quite good...

      I have included as much of my own information about it to assist those who wish to dive in and also have included a short tune I made a few years ago in order to prove function...This tune was made with just 5 VSTi tracks and a compressor on the drum track...That's all. No MIDI Keyboard was used, I just used the piano roll with a mouse. You will have to hit the 'about Aero Studio' to enter serial details. Hopefully there will be a few others who would like to keep this alive...Thanks for the coolest site I have seen in awhile...


Download here-



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