(Offer) IoNeo Aero Studio Win32 Sequencer Music Creation

Hello all...

       This be my first 'offer' posting and after reading rules & such I think I got it so will jump in. Anything I offer is tested & all I use is XP SP3 32bit...ever!
       This is IoNeo Aero Studio which is a sequencer for music creation...This version came out in @ 2004 and was the last incarnation. The Dev & website has been gone since 2009. This is available NOWHERE ELSE...The sequencer is very unique & is one of the few trackers to offer a combination tracker view & piano roll. The rest is mostly setup like a typical tracker...I find VSTs work well in it. I like its simple interface & lack of options appealing...The workflow is quite good...

      I have included as much of my own information about it to assist those who wish to dive in and also have included a short tune I made a few years ago in order to prove function...This tune was made with just 5 VSTi tracks and a compressor on the drum track...That's all. No MIDI Keyboard was used, I just used the piano roll with a mouse. You will have to hit the 'about Aero Studio' to enter serial details. Hopefully there will be a few others who would like to keep this alive...Thanks for the coolest site I have seen in awhile...


Download here-



  • Hey talkorbell,

    Feel free to post the files again for this tracker!

    Cheers 🍻

    BigfART fart 💨
  • I have this permanent over HERE NOW-

    As attachment & also some homemade videos to get you atarted-

  • I was playing around with this one, such a great app!
    Shame there was no documentation with it :anguished:
    I prefer it to axs :tongue:
    Maybe Dreamer is the middle ground?

    By the way, that link doesn't work, I guess they removed it?

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  • No I am no longer over at oldschooldaw at all, I deleted all my stuff & left with both middle fingers up if you catch my drift>>>

    Yeah it is pretty cool but there are limitations in it especially MIDI side but very good workflow. Some of the internal machines are quite good, Raw Power Bass & such... There are issues as VST wrapper doesn't allow loading or saving of any presets so you gotta be selective of what you use. Use of internal sampler with wavetables sounds pretty good...

    I did a tune in it like 9 years ago, peeps seem to like it though it's not that good-

    I used FabFilter Twin2 for lead synth... all-in-all it's not quite up to AXS standards but easier to use...

    BTW I now record notes into AXS thru Spacetoad with Spacetoad hooked to MIDI keyboard that way I can choose synth instance & preset or sampler (channel 8)..

    I am also going to try using Massiva because it does all that plus MIDI CCs so every control is remotely accessible...

    But yeah Aero Studio is another good one for archive.org I have a number of annotated video tuts
  • Hahaha oh ok.

    Yeah! I really liked that track, good tune, great unique sounding... it sounds 90's old but futuristic at the same time, to me anyway

    I think I'll start by use it for wave sound generation, and use it in making waves.
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    Yeah it's good if you like to paint in your notes in the piano roll... That's how I made 'Apache Swagger'. If you had got it to make sound then you are smarter than the common dabbler back in the day those trying it out would complain that they could not get it to make any sound whatsoever... That's because all the 'machines' open up 'zeroed out' so you gotta move stuff to hear stuff. I have quite a few presets I made for many of the machines which will be included... They have to be placed in a specific location for Aero to 'see them'...

    Still this had not been updated for 6 years as 2009 was last for the website & last update in 2003... They guy wanted too much for it like 70-80 bucks no way as it was still actually a 'beta for sale' there's a slider at top that don't work plus the onscreen keyboard is disabled, using a MIDI keyboard results in 'stuck' keys so no way, maybe 7-8 bucks... The Dev was one of the guys on the Jeskola Buzz Team so if you get stuck look up shortcuts for Buzz>>>
  • wow 70 geez!
    I like the UI and features from Aero, but I like the "machines" and how the parameters are set out in Buzz, thanks for mentioning it!
    They are still updating it!
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    Yeah some like Buzz, I never did... Thought Aero Studio way better workflow... Anyways Buzz versions after a certain date/build started requiring NET Frames so I used version right before that...

    Found also BUZE to be more my liking more MIDI-centric can use MIDI & MFX plugs as well as VSTi-VST, PSYCLE, BUZZ, LADSPA & LUNAR Plugins... You can sample a plugins output to wavetable very much like Renoise. Also it has a piano roll but it's not called that it's called 'Note Meta' though note quite as handy as some it still helps out...

    Sadly it has recently passed onto the wayback machine but at least the download still comes back for it...


    Runs a helluva lot of different plugins & quite powerful features, Now that it's gone I'll have to do a tune or two in it, but not today...

    Finishing up hot water heater changeout, been without for two weeks 20 years ago bought one for 200 bucks, paid 500 for one now... They come with a 6 year warranty but typically last 7 or 8... The old one would not drain so just took it out full, that was fun>>>

    BTW, I find amusing on the BUZE FAQ page description on how to pronounce-

    Also a few beginner tuts-

  • lol Buh-zeh, very clever reusing Buzz's dll's.
    Cool thanks :)

    Hope the hot water system change went ok!
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    Hmm 🤔 not much luck getting The software from old school daw site

    Can you upload it to archive.org?
  • Yeah, I'm not on there anymore & deleted most stuff before leaving with both middle fingers up & a few choice words so chris probably deleted every dust mote of my ever having been there...

    And yes, I plan on putting Aero up soon>>>
  • Ok cheers 🍻 let me know when you do.
  • OK, BigforT2... Aero Studio is up on archive.org now...

    includes 4 annotated videos I made. Also a buncha presets for the native machines there's an image showing where to put them... various other bits-bobs...

    Enter the serial from KG on the 'about' dialog...

  • Thanks I have already downloaded it!

    Cheers 🍻
  • Another great package, I like the pics & tut videos, I learnt a bit actually!
    A few things my mommy and I are still confused on :rofl:
    1) How do you change instruments on a track?
    2) How to copy patterns from track to another track/instrument?
    If it's even possible?

    I know this doesn't have midi file support, and the piano roll is very limited, but it sounds great to me, it's small and simple and it clicks with me :)
  • I don't rightly remember either issue, I'd have to check...

    HahAH.. Yeah looks like you watched the videos, Your Mommy & You might be confused a little longer...

    Like I said before you might wanna check on Jeskola Buzz shortcuts & workflow as the guy was part of that team...

    I agree, even with shortcomings it sounds great... Would've been real nice to have FXB/FXP import-export so you must concentrate on plugs you can access presets from inside the plug...

    The piano roll is actually an assistant to the tracker which is often the case with combos... There are some key combos that activate features in the tracker for editing but I don't remember what they are... You see by default you are getting simplistic lane views but there is magic try to think of it as a video game you have to try to discover shit>>>
  • No worries,
    Yes, I checked buzz, I get how that works, similar to aero, machine -> track -> master,
    Buzz can import SMF (standard midi file) via the piano role :joy:
    And can copy and paste track data! :hang_loose:

    With Buzz, I haven't been able to get audio out, I can see the automation work, but no signal analysis data...
    Okay would you believe me if I said BuzzSetup_x64_1503.exe doesn't include help? :rofl: because it doesn't.

    BuzzSetup1503.exe installs a folder called Help... I'll have a read, it looks pretty detailed.
  • Yeah, Good luck... Went ahead & removed all files from archive except AXS which is on 2 other forums, Since you pretty much have what I put up on archive then YOU can upload for everybody... Hasta Luego>>>
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