[OFFER] Microsoft Developer Network (Development Platform) - July 1994

This is a direct rip of the 10 CDs for the Microsoft Developer Network Development Platforms (July 1994) - SDKs, DDKs, and Operating Systems

A scan of the information brochure will come later.

Some verbatim copy of the brochure is below

What's New on the Platform
Welcome to the July 1994 edition of the Microsoft Development Platform. This edition contains the latest Microsoft Operating Systems, SDKs, and DDKs for your development tasks.

This package includes the following new items:

  • Windows NT(TM) 3.1 - French, German, Italian and Spanish versions
  • Windows NT 3.1 Service Pack 2: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish versions
  • MS-DOS(R) 6.22
  • TCP/IP-32 for Windows(TM) for Workgroups (Beta version)
  • Microsoft MediaView Development Toolkit
  • License Service API (LSAPI)
  • Microsoft TCP/IP SOckets Developer's Kit
  • WOSA Extensions for Financial Services (WOSA/XFS) 1.1
  • WOSA Extesions for Real-Time Market Data (WOSA/XRT)

To see descriptions of these systems and toolkits, please review the abstracts in the Development Platform Contents section of the Microsoft Development Library (July 1994).


This release of the Development Platform includes ten discs.

Disc Contents

  1. Setup program, SDKs, DDKs, Windows NT Service Packs for U.S. and Norwegian versions, CONTENTS.TXT, README.TXT
  2. Win32(R) SDK and Windows NT DDK
  3. Windows NT Service Packs for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish versions
  4. Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, and Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  5. Windows NT 3.1 (U.S. version)
  6. Windows NT 3.1 (French version)
  7. Windows NT 3.1 (German version)
  8. Windows NT 3.1 (Italian version)
  9. Windows NT 3.1 (Spanish version)
  10. Video for Windows samples

See the abstracats in the Development Platform Contents section of the Microsoft Development Library for information on each system or toolkit, including installation instructions and system requirements. This information is also included in the CONTENTS.TXT file on the setup disc.


(Please note the files are still being uploaded, they should be done shortly)


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