Feature Request: Recent Library Additions


I have difficulties finding the newest additions/changes to the WW Library, apart from the great software spotlights. It would be cool to have a simple list of newest additions like other abandonware sites have.

Because there's always something new you can try out … or a version you've been waiting for.

Thanks for considering! o:)


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    There is an RSS feed for new releases: https://winworldpc.com/downloads/latest.rss

    With newer Firefox, you will need an add-on because for some reason, support for RSS was discontinued. I tried this one and it seems to work well: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/want-my-rss/?src=search

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    Thanks, this is great! Well, RSS might the reason why I missed that.

    It might be a good idea then to add a RSS hint or add HTML output to that generator.

  • There should be an alternative to see the new releases, personally speaking. Even just a standard web page of them would do.

    I keep falling behind of them :(

  • An HTML page like what Vetusware has would actually help search engines index new releases quickly. But it could be worse, we could be exclusively pushing the new release info to Twitter (barf!).

    Personally, I would actually like to have some way to view a list of existing releases that have had recent edits or changes. That would be rather important should Winworld ever get additional librarians.

    However, such changes are not really my department.

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