Updating Windows ME

Out of the Windows VMs I have, which are fully updated through unofficial patches and such, my Windows ME had not been updated ever since I set it up over four years ago, and I think it should get the same treatment as the others. However, I have one simple question to ask... would the Unofficial Windows 98 Service Pack from MajorGeeks work with it (as we all know that the OS itself is nothing more than a reskin of it)? Or, is there an actual "service pack" floating around somewhere that I'm not aware of? I'm just curious, even though people don't care for ME as much (for the most obvious of reasons).


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    The 98SE USP wouldn't work.

    But there is a USP for Windows Me. beware: its last version apparently has some significant issues!

    There is also the Windows Me Cumulative Update:

    Remember to install IE6 SP1, to replace the beta version of IE 5.5 that shipped with Me. And to remove extraneous components like System Restore, use OPPCOMME:

    PS: I have never seen a BSoD (or any kind of bugs) with Windows Me on my ThinkPad T41, which is more than can be said for 98.

  • From the second link you provided, the link to the Cumulative Update Package doesn't seem to work but it's fine for the Cumulative Update Pack. I've also got OPPCOMME downloaded fine too. Regarding the first link on your post, I'll take you advice but not unless if it's safe to install an earlier USP from there. For now I shall install the two I've downloaded on my VM even though UMECU102.exe couldn't be downloaded for some odd reason.

    Also, daft question but how can IE6 be installed?

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    About that other file I talked about earlier, I've got it downloaded now.

    As for IE6, I just noticed that it can be obtained from the library here. I've installed it plus the other stuff (including Oppcom). I also felt like installing Revolution Packs 9 that did serve as an option upon installing the cumulative update pack. With it and some other goodies, the VM is now beefed up to the max. Thanks a ton! :D

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