windows 1.02 real?

I cant remember were I found this but I found a version of windows 1.03 heres the info I found out by going to properties..
there 6 files in each directory 12 all together...

Name Size Name Size
WIN103-286_DISK1.EXE - 269 KB WIN103_DISK1.EXE - 247 KB
WIN103-286_DISK2.EXE - 307 KB WIN103_DISK1.EXE - 306 KB
WIN103-286_DISK3.EXE - 234 KB WIN103_DISK1.EXE - 220 KB
WIN103-286_DISK4.EXE - 270 KB WIN103_DISK1.EXE - 269 KB
WIN103-286_DISK5.EXE - 297 KB WIN103_DISK1.EXE - 268 KB
WIN103-286_DISK6.EXE - 240 KB WIN103_DISK1.EXE - 269 KB

File Description WinImage Self Extractor File
Type Application
File Version
Product Name
Product Version
Copyright Copyright @ Gilles Volant 1993-2002
Size 239 KB
Date Modified 7/7/2003 8:00 AM
Language English (United States)
Original Filename WIMA_SFX.EXE

Files don't give much info really

setup.exe size - 279 KB Date Modified - 2/5/1987 5:55 AM
kernel.exe size - 33.2 KB Date Modified - 8/6/1986 7:59 AM

I didn't check all the files but anyone know if it is windows 1.03. I'm thinking of installing in virtualbox to check it out
I can someone the files if they wanna check it. I don't know to much about the older windows stuff..



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    "" is the version of Winzip used to create those images.

    Those probably contain identical files to the ones on Winworld.

  • ok thanks SomeGuy


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