Linux market share

Right now, the market share of Linux is noted by many sources as between 2 and 3 percent. However, other sources dispute that. For example, on another forum I saw that a BBC report mentioned that it is at about 6% (this was in 2007).

I know there are different ways to track market share data, and to me NetMarketShare, for example, seems to be more accurate than DAP as it counts unique users, not actual visits. But is safe to believe that the market share is between 2 and 3 percent?


  • The LibreOffice claim that only 20 million Linux users have LibreOffice rather puts a maximum on the percentage of active desktop Linux users. There is one Linux user with LibreOffice for every 50 Microsoft Office users with Windows. 2% is probably a good rough estimate of desktop users actively using Linux. May be more depending on what else one includes in the count but I am not sure how much weight one should put to college students spinning up a Linux instance for a programming class.

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