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    Sounds like you may also have IPS. Sometimes the PWM dimming gives people problems and some see the flickering.
    X220 IPS is similar to the x230 one (my x230t has it). Except the flickering was fixed.
    Mine has really nasty image retention. Lenovo says it happens if you leave an image on for long periods of time.
    Unless long means a few (like 3 or 4) seconds, then it's real bad. But hey, nearly 180 degree viewing angle makes up for it, this is excellent for movie watching in a cramped airbus on long flights.

  • I don't get what he thinks > @Schule04 said:

    I've got a few Thinkpads, and I have to say that they are pretty overrated, especially the older models.

    The T60p is nowhere as durable as people make it out to be. I bought it about a decade ago because I fell for the hype myself, and was disappointed. Here's why:

    • The load times were really bad, however this was mostly fixed by installing an SSD.
    • I got the version with the 1600x1200 screen because it seemed to be neat. But the high resolution screens are very fragile, mine had all sorts of issues, for example lines of the screen would sometimes stop working unless you bent the display in a specific direction, the backlight was very dim, and there were ugly dark spots inside the display layers. A google search reveals that these are all common problems of this machine and screen, but of course they aren't mentioned at all by fanboys.
    • The plastic of the palm rest broke with normal usage, this too is a well documented issue
    • There are also some other issues, like the fact that most of these machines come with a 32bit only CPU installed and that they can only support 3GB RAM in total.
    • The GPU ran very hot even after I replaced the thermal paste. And no, it's not the Nvidia problem from the T61 series, but an ATI GPU.
    • Because the GPU ran so hot, it broke last year, making the whole laptop useless.

    I'm currently using a W520 and an X220 and they are much better machines. The only complaint I have about them is that the backlight flickers at a low frequency, but this can be fixed by software.

    It sounds like your laptop was a dud. I've had three different T6x series models and none of them had any of the issues you mentioned, other than some general limitations of 2006 laptops:

    The 3GB RAM issue you mentioned was due to limitations of the Intel 945GM chipset in use at the time - not the laptop itself. Other manufacturers also had this limit, which wasn't a big deal back in 2006. 2007 brought with it a new chipset, and the T61 can handle 8GB RAM.

    I'm not sure what killed your GPU, but laptops from that time in general just ran hot. Those early Core Duos (and Core 2s) cooked, as did GPUs from that time.

    Never heard of an issue with palm rests breaking.

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    Tomorrow I will be going to Arizona State University's surplus store to see if they have any pre-T440 ThinkPads. (Yes, it is still open despite recent coronavirus fears (really people overreacting about it). This might have to do with the fact that it is actually not on the ASU campus, but a few miles away from it.)

  • Update: looks like even that store is temporarily closed as their reaction to the coronavirus.

  • My dad is placing an order for a Lenovo ThinkPad T420. eBay says it will come in 6 days.

  • My dad is placing an order for a Lenovo ThinkPad T420. eBay says it will come in 6 days.

  • Ah yes, one with a proper keyboard.

    Only thing stopping me from doing the keyboard mod on my x230T was the fact the tablet lacks the thinklight. So backlit chiclet it is for me.

    Though I am in the works to replace it with a Helix 2.

  • As of today, the T420 is on its way. The post office where the seller is located has received the laptop and it should come to us the day after tomorrow.

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