Super 6 Digital Slot Machine

I am building the Super 6 Digital Slot Machine in VB6. It is presently in an alpha state.

WinBoards readers get Early Access to build 4373!!V5FjEA6I!VqCh1IccrcwIx18uw900sH7iji0842mA_UxAmghtDqM

The basic functionality is in place, and a new set of builds with advanced functionality (including the removal of the redundant "end" button and a count of the current fiscal balance - which is still buggy) has been forked off this basic, stable version.

The final version should be released in Q3 2024. If I get into law school, then it may end being pushed back to Q4 2070, or if I flunk everything as a result of focusing on this toy, Q3 2020.

I don't think microtransactions would work very well, but maybe SAAS would do. Get people to repurchase it every month! :p


  • I've been wanting to build my own version of Slingo. Haven't gotten around to it though.

  • I've made further progress, including significant graphical improvements and have discovered that I needed to make my variables public to allow for counters to function. I have now compiled build 1.00.4513.

    But I've noticed that random number generation in VB isn't so random. In a sequence of several stress tests, I keep getting the same sequence of numbers and attain the first prize at the same point every time.

  • I've added an element of randomization to the number generation, using system time and date. ;) So another release should be coming soon. How does early March sound?

    I might even recompile it in VB3 for win3.x users.

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