Trojan detected in [Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 (10-16-1991) October 1991] 7z file

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Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 (10-16-1991) October 1991

Windows defender consistently identifies this 7z file as containing a virus - Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A to be precise. Normally I would discount this as a false positive but it then proceeded to place extra files in my Microsoft Edge folder. Can anyone else confirm this result? Thanks.


  • usually activators , get flagged by that id

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    Is there an activator included with this build due to lack of serials or whatnot?

  • @user1235 said:
    Is there an activator included with this build due to lack of serials or whatnot?

    not sure , have never checked out this iso , and I believe these cds are unedited and I believe winworld doesn't put up hacked cds either

  • Can anyone confirm if this file is safe? Only reason I'm insistent is beacause I recently read Showstopper which is a fascinating look into the development of Windows NT. This is the closest build to what they came up with early on.

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    There is a good chance it is just a false positive. For example, some virus scanners crap on one of the NT 4 administration tools.

    It's stupid that it just flags the entire archive without being more specific about what file or part of the contents has the alleged problem.

  • Thanks for the response - I'm running it in a nested Win10 VM just to be safe.

  • I’m guessing Windows 10 must think that it will change a lot of stuff because Windows 10 runs of off the NT System. So the file structure is very similar. (Windows defender is not the best, Microsoft has always had security problems and really bad antivirus’. Yeah, I would use a good antivirus on it just to be safe.

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