what tools shall i extract disk image (img) files with?

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in the old days i used something named undisk to extract img files, it was written in 1996 and its document claimed to support following formats of disk images:
Disk Image
DUP 3.0
Sab Diskette
SWDI 3.3
however it couldn't recognize some of the img files on this site, its possible that there are other formats that it doesn't support, or with imperfect support. i also tried winimage v8.5 and it couldn't open said img files either.
can you tell me which tool is used in creating img files on this site? and what else can i extract them with?


  • Dave Dunfield's ImgDisk possibly? I've used it to archive off some 360k floppies recently.

  • Please see our Archive Format Information https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/10444/winworld-archive-format-information#latest

    In a nutshell, most archives are in raw sector "IMG" format for which we recommend WinImage, but many other tools will work.

    Some archives are in DOS 1.x or non-DOS format, which are usually in "IMD" ImageDisk format. WinImage will not open these archives.

    A few copy protected disks may require a Kryoflux, SuperCard Pro, or Transcopy card to recreate.

    If you are having problems with a specific archive, you need to specify which one.

  • thanks for the info. i guess the img files in question are just plain raw format, but in dos 1.x format(160/320kb) that most tools don't recognize them.
    dosbox imgmount command doesn't read them either, but strangely boot command loads them correctly, so i managed to copy the files onto another 1.44mb floppy disk image.

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