[REQ] Star Wars Screen Entertainment - Screen Savers

edited February 2020 in Offers & Requests

This is a request for a Windows 3.1 screen saver package called "Star Wars Screen Entertainment".

Per the official Star Wars Wookipedia:

_"Star Wars Screen Entertainment was a product of LucasArts Entertainment Company and Presage Software development, Inc., released in 1994. It was a CD-ROM or 3.5″ diskette including different A New Hope–themed screen savers.

Screen Entertainment does not include any interactive game. However, the user can customize some aspects of the screen savers (number of stars, speed, etc.).

The icon to execute the program was R2-D2, which was also used in the Jawas option.

The screen saver was available for Windows operating system 3.0 or higher, as well as for Macintosh system 7.0 and above." _

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