[Request] After Dark for windows version 1.0a

Looking for this specific version, since it was the one I had on my old PC. I found the old floppy disk, but many of the files are corrupt. The readme.txt file is not, though, and it says that this is After Dark for windows version 1.0a. Somebody can help me out here? I've found 1.0 and 2.0 on WinWorld, but 1.0a is impossible to find, it seems...


  • I'd like to bump this request. Still looking for this specific version...
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    Do you recall what the difference between "1.0" and your "1.0a" were?

    Was this from an original disk? If so, perhaps you could post a photo or scan of the disk so others can know what to look for in collections or on eBay? Did it have any markings on it indicating an "a" release?

    Are you sure your disk is toast? I'd recommend visually inspecting the surface of the disk. Perhaps try gently cleaning with a wet q-tip. Does it appear badly scratched? Try cleaning your floppy drive (cleaning disk or disassembly and carefully using alcohol and a q-tip). Perhaps try a different floppy drive.

    If you had a Kryoflux or SCP I'd suggest using those and sending me the stream dumps for analysis.

    If the disk is not physically damaged and not getting any worse, you might try using WinImage to read in the disk - you can just keep mashing "retry" and sometimes residue/gunk will eventually move out of the way, allowing a read. But be careful as that can rip up a damaged or badly gunked disk.
  • No, I have no idea what the difference between 1.0 and 1.0a were. It was not an original disk but a copy. The text file included indicated that it's te 1.0a version. Also the screensaver files included will give the error message that you need 1.0a if you try to use them in version 1.0 of After Dark. Tried cleaning the surface of the kloppy disk, but without any result... :-(. Don'y have Kryoflux or SCP, unfortunately... Also tried WinImage and even some recoverysoftware but without any result too... So hope someone simply has this version and can upload an image of that disk...

    I would also be happy if someone knows the exact difference. I know there was a version "a" of a certain windows version, and the only difference was that in one single file some compression was removed and that was it. If it turns out that the "a" version I'm looking for has just a single, very minor difference from tha 1.0 version, that has no impact at all at the working or appearance, I'd setlle for 1.0.
  • @TomVDJ
    Maybe try using Norton Disk Doctor, it might fix the files.
  • Tried Norton Disk Doctor, but unfortunately the disk seems to be out of repair. So wanted to kick this thread to see if someone has this specific After Dark version?
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