[offer] shit ton of pc cd games

edited February 2020 in Offers & Requests

i have a lot of pc cd games lying around n im wondering if any would be useful to have

  • websters deluxe encyclopedia

  • lego racers

  • hidden and dangerous

  • lego creator harry potter

  • boinggers

  • spongebob employee of the month

  • chicken run

  • sonic adventure dx (sold out release, both discs)

  • hotel giant 1 (sold out release)

  • theme park world (sold out release)

  • removal man

boinggers and removal man seem most interesting since they are kinda obscure

also lego racers: its boxed as lego racers 2 , theres screenshots of lego racers 2 on the box, talks about it being the sequel etc, and the disk says lego racers 2, but its actually lego racers 1

wonder if they are any useful to the site

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