Accesibility Acid Trip [BIG PIC]

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  • LOL, check out my Iron Butterfly theme

  • Aesop 1.5? KERIO WINROUTE!!!

    I got mine from Windows, in 2000! No *.Theme here!

  • wow... ibms desktop is a mess.....
  • I cleaned it off, look at the screenshots thread in RC.

    Aesop or whatever, I dont know. I installed various programs trying to make a screensaver until I actually found one that worked
  • mines nice and clean...

  • His hair looks like one of those little poofy things that seem to hang around my birds cage

    either that or he hasnt washed it in weeks
  • "Clean" != Musicmatch. And what's "AMD 64.txt" all about?


    PS. [CS]! You have a small screen resolution!
  • musicmatch got installed for some reason along with something else, AMD 64 was a load of prices i made note of from some magazine, and its on my laptop which is tiny.....
  • wow those first two desktops are really messed up...i could never work in those theme conditions..
  • i have some really shit resolution so i dont let it get mesed up.

    ibm, eddie is DEAD so he aint gonna be washiong his hair much is he?........
  • Well that sucks, Its always the great ones (bon scott, Randy rhoads)
  • I reconize that picture in the background. The one that says "text_setup".

    Sorry about giving you 52 pictures.
  • Whats with freebsd-doc...?
  • it was the localtion for the ftp site. i didnt have enough free space on my hdd to get it so i made a note of it
  • Oh, though you were going to go should though
  • i might put it on my server.... but its gonna have to wait until iget acess to a cd dirve
  • Nice, you going to go FreeBSD or some other distro?
  • i dunno. i think free bsd or something thats under 3 cds like suse.....
  • Isnt SuSE Linux? BSD is UNIX

    Note: FreeBSD is not Linux. It is based on BSD UNIX. Please don't send us angry emails telling us this.
  • i know. basically something that isnt windows. i mean have you seen the sys reqs for free bsd they're crazy....
  • Then keep Windows
  • Try OpnBSD, I've been informed it was secure...

  • i didnt mean they where really high... accoring to freebsd u can run it on a 386 with 5 megs of ram...
  • Yeah, with out X-Windows

    AKA the concole
  • yeh. thats the minimum.....
  • desktop.png

    This is my shitty laptop. I currently have a extra monitor connected to it.
  • WoW, NICE 16 colour resolution!

  • w..t...ff

    The background is16-bit (just saved it as 256, shity)

    but the icons and shit are only 16
  • Wow, his server is slow loading that image. Try SkyCrash.

    If he has an extra monitor, maybe he stitched together the screen shots of both.

    It's cool, what's the specs on the laptop?
  • i believe that all laptops would do that under a few setting tewaks. I don't think he had stiched both desktops toigether.

    I believe that Win 2k and Win XP can do that in display properties
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