Checksum algorithms

What algorithm is used to generate the checksums on the file download pages?

I tried asking this in the comments section, but I wasn't able to post anything.


  • It's different for different files. E.g WIndows 1.01 uses sha512 while Windows 1.01 Artworks uses sha1.

    I'm not sure if there are others...

  • It was supposed to be sha1. I don't know how anything else got in there.

  • Either way, it really should say which algorithm it is.

    Anyways, thanks for the help.

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    It looks as if old (as in: 3-4 years old) releases have sha1 while new one have sha512.

    Which is not a bad thing: sha512 is definitely more trustworthy. But yeah, the fact that it's not mentioned anywhere is kind of a probem...

    I have simple download script which pull file and verifies checksum and when I first found this site almost all files were sha1 and now most of them have sha512... they have different (and distinctive!) lengths though so it was no-brainer to fix the script... I never even thought about it.

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