(OFFER) Microsoft Word 5.5 (EN)

Hi there!
Today I have on offer 6x3.5" 720K IMA files w/ scans of the original disks containing Word 5.5 for DOS
Found these on a haul I got from a client.
It was full of backup disks and these were in the middle of all that...
Also got a couple of VooDoo 2 and a soundblaster AWE32, plus a bunch of Rage 3d and a Radeo Pro Turbo All-In-Wonder in that bundle., all with the original software! To be better, it had to be boxed... Not complaining :)

It was a good day @ work.

The floppy were imaged with only 600DPi this time!
The link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R7y0Go8DcfaqyUDzJcQI70vbu_h5TcIF/view?usp=sharing


  • Grreat. This version is 5.5 (Not 5.5A or 5.5).
    Thanks again.

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