Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing 1.00a

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I have downloaded Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing 1.00a two times.
When I want to extract this archive WinRAR says me that in this file is crc error. Can share working version of this archive??


  • What download client are you using? If I open a not-yet finished file I've downloaded with mozilla, I also get a CRC error. Maybe you should try another download client.
    CRC's are also caused by resumed Download Accelerator downloads.
  • I've had it with these idiots using download accelerators on us... our servers cant *EVER* do more than 15K on me, and 30K on Q, so your not gonna get anything but a ban from the server if you use one... every time I see someone using one I kill the server.
  • No, he/shes fine. It was all my fault. My FTP client transferred the RAR in ASCII mode, and so corrupted the file.:oops:

    It has now been replaced with a good copy.

  • Theres a tool that fixes CRC errors in compressed files. Back in the day it would happen a lot hardly anyone had DSL and Cable back then so we didn't like redownloaing 200+MB files so we would sit there trying to fix the zip or rar files with some groovy tools that some 3rd party company made. Sadly I don't remember the name of the tool but search on google for "CRC repair" or "Fix CRC errors".
  • Why can't I download this OS? I look already for a long time for it :(
  • The server is down at times, attempt again ever few half-hours until you suceed.

  • It does not function... Can you send a copy to me?
  • It should work now, I've just checked the server and it's up.

  • I have the "The site cannot be displayed" error :(

    But Windows 1.0 or others are working :?
  • Yarrg!

    The [CS]ing thing, I tell it to start and it shuts off about 5 minutes later.

    I've forced it on, the link is working, I just checked it.

  • Finally!

    Thanks for help :)
  • Sure! Have fun!

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