Scanner PC!

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  • If you can get all the stuff listed, Itll be perfect
  • isn't that slightly overkill?
  • Yes, but you can never go too high when building a new PC, its all about get what you can afford and get lots of it
  • The parts will get recycled into other systems overtime. I admit that it's alot but it's also gonna be going alost of photoediting and suchlike too.

  • Is this for you or someone else? What proc do you want in it?

    Sorry, but "" scared me at first.
  • I'll me Administing it, but someone else is gonna be using it. As long as it's a decent proc I'm fine with it.

    "" Ahahhahhhaaa That's great! Ahh!

  • Ok, I didn't think you'd buy a PC just for scanners when you don't print much. I'll be PM/IMing you sometime for details about this. :)
  • AMD Athlon 2.167 GHz
    512Mb DDR @ 400MHz
  • Throw XP Pro on it, it has drivers for *EVERYTHING* to this day, I havent seen anything that XP didnt have drivers for.
  • heres one to start a list for

    sagem f@st 800 USB DSL modem
  • Q has a Comcast cable modem that loses teh connection alot, I have a Westell WireSpeed 2200 aDSL modem, and Mr. Clean has a Westell WireSpeed 2100 aDSL modem.

    Thgats all the ones I know... But we all use ethernet, USB modems piss me off.
  • the power consumption is annying too and the fact that my laptop only has 1 usb port
  • So use ethernet.
  • at the mo i dont have a router the only way i could is to use my server which im not going to do

    it has like 96% ram used just being idle
  • Whose gonna be using it and how often?
  • My father and whenever he wants to, since it'll be in a better location for him then any other machine, he may use it alot, I dont' know.

  • One scanner?

    So this is just for scanning, not email/office productivity/etc?
  • 2 scanners, and scanning/maybe Email/Inet/photoediting will be about the most it'll do.

  • Well he doesnt need a top of the line machine...just a little better than "budget" and hes fine.
  • Real good place, Didn't I mention that to you?

    He's really lucky. What PC does he have now?
  • Read before you post ;)!

    Right now, some Toshiba laptop that can't keep a chare for 5 minutes.

  • Is he gonna give the old laptop to you?
  • Probably not.

  • Well if hes not using it for anything, you should ask him for do
  • Q wrote:
    Read before you post ;)!

    I did, I was just commenting that it was a good place and asking if you first heard of him from me or if it was Warp.

    How old is the Toshiba?

    Have you decided on a proc?
  • Uhh....

    Maby if you read his first post, the Procrssoe is listen :-P
  • Uh, no. If you clicked the link, then you'd realize that the proc's on that page range from a K7 1.33GHz to an Ath XP 3000+. The 2700+ is out of stock, and you see the list of others before it.

    If you read my posts, you'd know I asked about the proc in previous posts. :P
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