[OFFER] Manx Aztec C86 (5.2a, 11/26/92)

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ibmpc5150 posted a link to an eBay auction for a copy of Aztec C86 for MS-DOS, which I was able to pick up for pretty cheap. Since WinWorld doesn't have any versions of Aztec C available yet, I've imaged them and will put the link below.

Sadly, I don't know all that much about Aztec C, except that the version I have (5.2a) appears to be a pretty late release (1992, versus the earlier Apple II and CP/M versions which date back to the early 80s). The documentation states that this was the first version of the compiler to support ANSI C instead of K&R, and the compiler/linker only produce real mode programs. This release came on 6 360k 5.25" floppies - the first 4 contain the compiler, linker and libraries, while the 5th and 6th disks contain 'level 2' and 'level 3' programs, which include extra tools that were provided at extra cost.

I created the images on an old Linux PC and tested them in 86box. The installer itself is pretty barebones - to get started yourself:


  • Run INSTALL.EXE on disk 1
  • Ensure that the source drive is set to your 5.25" drive's drive letter:
  • Press TAB to move between options, SPACE to toggle
  • Press ENTER to install, swap disks as needed


  • Run C:\AZ86\BIN\AZ86.BAT to set up the environment
  • run 'CC (filename).c' to compile your source file
  • run 'LN (filename).o c.lib' to link into an executable

There's also support for Makefiles, but I have zero documentation about the toolchain so I can't really help there.

Anyway, here's the link:




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