[OFFER] OEM Nero 7 Essentials Goodies + More CD/DVD R/W Tools

The quest to organize the clutter in my room continues with a find that I've been wanting to re-explore. Specifically, the OEM CDROM disc that came bundled with my favorite LG CD+DVD R/W USB drive. And it has the best version of Nero I've ever used.

In this case, the disc contains Nero 7 Essentials, PowerDVD, PowerProducer, SecurDisc Viewer, InCD, and LightScribe drivers.

Now, why is this version of Nero 7 Essentials the best I've ever used? Simple! Because I recently got burned on a store-bought version of Nero I purchased a few months ago which featured upgrade nagware and some "features" which really didn't work out in the long term.

As a bonus, thanks to the OEM version, it allowed me to get the last latest version of Nero 7 Essentials. During that brief online upgrade I kept watch on my system's %TEMP% folder and was able to capture the upgrade installer via 7-Zip which actually covers all versions of Nero 7. And I didn't have to key in a registration code!

So, my offer is my CD drive's OEM disc .ISO, the Nero 7 upgrade installer, and maybe even a couple other Nero goodies that Nero decided to make freeware but required a lot of hoops to go through to download which I'll provide to save you all a lot of aggravation (specifically, Nero WaveEditor and Nero SoundTrax for all your audio production needs to go along with these other tools for the full Nero collection).

Anyone interested for all these goodies to become candidates for the WinWorldPC archives?

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