(OFFER) Winamp 1.0 (and many more up to v5.666)

If someone is interested, I've archived a lot of releases about winamp for years, starting from the v1.0 FINAL
README.TXT for WinAMP 1.0 FINAL (released June 7th 1997)

But also v1.91 SP1, v2.00 pre-beta 1, v2.09, v2.10, v2.20, v2.23, v2.24, v2.5, v2.5c, ..., v2.90, v2.91
v3.0 (+ FR translation)
v5.0 beta2, v5.01, v5.03 (+FR), v5.05, v5.08c, v5.08d, v5.09, v5.12, v5.23, v5.24 (+ FR), v5.31, v5.35, v5.50 FR, v5.531 FR, v5.32, v5.54 FR, v5.572 FR, v5.581 FR, v5.601 FR, v5.61, v5.621, v5.666 FR

Not found how to send to "webmasters" to add directly on https://winworldpc.com/product/winamp

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