[OFFER] WordPerfect 5.2 OS/2 on CDROM

Can across a full box copy of WordPerfect 5.2 for OS/2 on CD-ROM with full Manual and even keyboard help strips.


  • Winworld has floppy disk dumps, but not CD or manuals. Box/Manual scans, and a dump from any original CD would be appreciated.

  • I uploaded the disk dump and the case art here: https://archive.org/details/wordperfect5.2os21993

    I will work on getting the manual scanned for a full set for here.

  • @thorsted thanks for this.

    Installed on OS/2 2.0 VM (86Box, 486DX75, SCSI CDROM). I couldn't find a license number but it seems to run fine without. It's a PM application too.

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    nickb333, very nice screen shots! Since you have it loaded up, could you add one of just the WordPerfect application with a document open and with the "about" window showing? If it looks OK, I'll add it to the release screen shots. Thanks. I was just getting ready to add the ISO to the downloads.

    BTW, many of the WordPerfect installers ask for a serial but do not require one or will take any made up number. So that is normal.

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    @SomeGuy here you go

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