86box windows 98 vm explorer.exe buffer overrun

ok so i have a windows 98 vm and whenever i open explorer or control panel or anything like that i get this message and if i click ok it just closes explorer.exe, i think this happened after i installed some programs

if anyone wants my 86box config or hard disk image or anything i can give it


  • Usually the issue is with the fpu emulation with any 86box or anything other emulator that is based off pcem.

    That is why Pcem only enables the fpu on processors that are necessary like the 486dx or pentium, and processors like the 8088,8086 or 286 isn't available because of fpu emulation issues.

    86box did add fpu emulation that is enabled optionally for processors like the 8088/8086 , 286 , 386, 486sx .

    I wouldn't run anything on these emulators , that use an fpu , just stick with processors that don't require an FPU.

  • im not sure what ur saying but i dont think the fpu is a problem since i was using pentium overdrive mmx 75 before this broke

  • and it was working fine + i cant disable the fpu for that

  • @souljaboy said:
    and it was working fine + i cant disable the fpu for that

    looked up the issue with buffer overrun, seems it could be due to the FPU as it says directly online about the error, its a floating point issue.

    As what I already said the FPU on 86box or PCem is super buggy and doesn't work right. The pentium mmx based processors require an FPU , which i why you can't disable it. That is why you should use a processor that a FPU is optional like the sx processors, or one of the pentium clones, that has an fpu enable / disable option.

    Also most programs that require accurate floating point, usually don't work correctly because of the fpu issue with PCem or 86box

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