Custom operating system

If this is not allowed here please tell me as some of the rules are vague
So, what if everybody here worked together to make an operating system.I will edit this with the info we put together
Contributors: Link327,
Download link:
Based off of:


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    I know Linux is a thing. It will be using the Linux kernel, but the UI will be new. Or we could make a new everything completely from scratch

  • I understand the sentiment, but making a new operating system from scratch is a monumental undertaking and there are already so many great alternatives that it's just not worth it unless you want to do it as a learning exercise.

    If you want to make an OS, I'd recommend starting by targeting a specific hardware platform, like a Raspberry Pi.

  • I mean, there is a (quite old) tutorial on git-hub. This can be used to start. I mean, you have to be running a unix based system to do this, because you'd be at a loss on what to do since the instructions are for MacOS or Linux. Anyways, you need to make the bootsector, which should be 512 bytes at the last two bytes, the bios looks for a specific address (55aa). This will tell the bios that this drive is bootable, and will execute the code there. If you are interested in doing what I just said in C, don't. Up untill the point of the kernel, you are using ASM.

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