[OFFER/REQUEST] CDROM-based Dictionary and Encyclopedia ISOs

There are a bunch of dictionary and encyclopedia CDROM images I may post next month. The reason is that I fear that the digital cloud will alter current known knowledge. However, paper and polycarbonate is turning out to be reliable.

Over a decade ago I found a bunch of Merriam-Webster dictionary CDROMs cheap which work perfectly under 64-bit W10. Also, I have a bunch of obscure encyclopedia titles such as Encarta 2004 Deluxe, Multipedia, Infopedia 1.0 and 2.0, and some other science and astronomy teaching tools and resources.

I'll post my list soon. But I won't be keeping the titles online long within my KeyBase. Once I place them there online I'll keep them online for a month then they will be removed. So get and archive them while you can.

Who else has other reference materials which are suitable for sharing archiving? A swap of info here would be fantastic!

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