[OFFER] NextStep software (some is missing from this library)


I've been recently trying to find some software for my shiny new NextStep 3.3 install and found a beautiful site full of software for obscure OSes (NextStep, PPC NT4, etc.)

I also found that there are at least two pieces of software that you are missing from your library, for example - Executor for NextStep (your archive is marked as incomplete and missing this and Linux version) and SoftPC for NextStep i386 (your page say wanted).

Let me know if you want the link to that site and get some stuff to your archives.


  • Yes, those would be excellent to add if you could make those available. Thanks.

  • edited March 26

    Of course, take the link! https://fsck.technology/software/NeXT/

    There's even a super weird piece of software - OmniWeb for Rhapsody DR2. I don't deal with networking on my VMs, so I'll leave analyzing that to the pros.

    EDIT: OmniWeb is available at Rhapsody Applications, NextStep stuff is at NeXTSTEP Applications, and there's also OpenStep 3.3? That site is full of obscure software. Maybe you'll want to dig deep into it.

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