Viewing YouTube Videos in win9x

No Windows 95-compatible browsers have been able to directly view videos since 2016 when Flash 7 was deprecated. However, a very skilled fellow win9x user on MSFN has made a bash script called 9xwebhelper that allows Windows 9x systems to download web contents no longer directly accessible, such as most YouTube videos. Get it here with instructions on setting up the cygwin-lite environment (account required for downloading):

And the finishing touch is a mp4-compatible media player, TCPMP, updated by roytam1 to work in win95 (account not required for downloading):

You must go to about:config and set general.useragent.extra.retrozilla (or create the preference if possible) to just "Firefox/42.0" to search videos on YouTube. This will stop working once Classic is deprecated.

Here is a demonstration. As you can see, TCPMP is a little buggy:


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