BeOS 5

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BeOS 5

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    BeOS 5.0 Personal Edition runs well dual booting with Windows 95 in PCem.

  • The ISO is not bootable. Where can I find the boot floppy image?
  • The personal edition is not bootable. (I believe the pro version IS bootable, but I'm not going to dig my copy out or waste bandwidth downloading to confirm.) The personal version has to be installed alongside either Win9x or Linux. (I'm not sure what version of Linux, since I never did it myself, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out it requires a 2.4 kernel, or even 2.2.)
  • nice and works. no problems just internet but pretty sure the iso has to do nothing
  • @ubuntuthedistro try this tutorial:
    It gets Networking working properly plus some other updates.
  • @DPlex64 it seems like you did not understand what i meant. it was my internet which was slow in downloading the ISO file. however i did not know how to properly use the words. i do not speak english as my first language.
  • BeOS was originally developed by the company Be with the former Apple coworker Jean-Louis Gasseè for its own type of computer, the BeBox. It contains 2 power PC CPUs and was equipped with maximally with 256 Mbyte of RAM. BeOS is written from scratch and does not contain obsolete operating system design concepts. From now, Here's the Official Haiku Website that you can download it.
  • The latest build to include as a name before "Haiku" developement. :confused:
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